On June 7th, YOU will have the opportunity to decide the future of Pleasanton Hillsides. VOTE NO ON MEASURE K.

Pleasanton Residents, which one do you want?

Save Pleasanton Hillsides

Measure K, aka the Lund Ranch II development, will allow the construction of 40+ homes that violate the hillside protection ordinance, Measure PP, passed overwhelmingly by Pleasanton voters in 2008.
Measure K grants our current and future Pleasanton City Councils, the ability to  PICK and CHOOSE which elements of Measure PP it wishes to uphold. In the case of Lund Ranch II, the Pleasanton City Council went so far as to redefine the meaning of a ridgeline, redefine the meaning of roads, redraw ridgelines, and ignore its own environmental impact report all to APPEASE the developer, Greenbriar Homes over the law and stated wishes of Pleasanton residents.